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We only deliver what we trust ourself. We rely on modern and proven products to get the right solution for your digital challenge.

What we Offer

The right mix for working IT solutions

How we work

The right support at all stages


Implementing a complete new IT Solution

You need to find out what solution is right for your business process? A new product is already choosen and you need help in implementation?

  • Requirements Management

    The base of the right solution is the requirements analysis, transform your functional needs into technical requirements
  • Product Choice

    From researching over proof of concept 'til buying, the whole process of product finding and buying
  • Doing

    With knowledge in a lot of products, I can assist you in the whole implementation process

Migrate old Technology

Nothing is more annoying than an old it solution that prevents you from beeing more productive in your daily doing.

  • Analysis

    Let's check if there is a more modern and better solution for your legacy application
  • Documentation and Reengineering

    No Documentation? No Problem! Documentation and reengineering of your current landscape to check what is needed
  • Smooth Integration

    Big Bang? Mostly Not! Our intention is to migrate as smooth as possible by building interfaces and consider all dependencies

Full Service Management

Need assistance in maintaining a solution or need a full service management in lack of own staff?

  • SLA's and Montioring

    End To End Monitoring with SLA's that fit to your needs and budget
  • Service Provider

    Don't want to take care of anything regarding your IT solution? Infrastructure and software as a service is the right way.
  • Support

    Need support? Quick? No problem, instant remote assistance and onsite support based on fixed rates

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

"Albert Einstein"

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